ESP32-C3 Specifications



This is the developers’ page for Espressif’s ESP32-C3 SoC and modules. Use of ESP32-C3 with ESP Rainmaker allows you to get a complete working system with cloud connectivity, phone apps and voice assistant integrations. More importantly, you can take what you build through to the production if you wish with production-ready and secure firmware, phone apps and cloud backend. ESP Rainmaker device application uses ESP-IDF at its base giving you full flexibility of application development.

Of course, you can also use ESP32-C3 with ESP-IDF in stand-alone fashion and experiment with peripherals and connectivity. ESP32-C3 can also be used just as a connectivity module with ESP-AT and ESP-Hosted SDKs to provide Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity to host MCUs. We’ll too provide these applications as well.

ESP-CSI Solution

In wireless communications, channel state information (CSI) is a term that refers to the channel properties of a communication link. CSI is extremely sensitive to changes in the surrounding area. By analyzing these changes, we can achieve non-contact intelligent sensing within that area.

ESP-CSI is applicable to the ESP32, ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3 series. It has outstanding advantages in terms of cost, ease of use and versatility, making it a great application for recognizing human activity, and detecting its position, range, etc. in a specific area.

ESP-CSI Advantages:

To get more information about ESP-CSI, you can visit GitHub.

Sample Applications

ESP32-C3 Devkit as a Light-bulb

You can use the firmware available here and follow instructions to try ESP32-C3 Devkit emulating a light bulb using on-board multi-colour LED. This firmware is also a default firmware on the ESP32-C3 boards and your board comes pre-programmed with the same.

Demo features:

For those who want to get their hands dirty with the source, you can use the example from our GitHub to build this example from scratch. You can also use other examples to emulate other devices on ESP32-C3 Devkit that you have. If you are not familiar with ESP Rainmaker, please refer to a short introduction to quickly get on board.

Keep watching this space as we add more ready-to-go applications here.


For any question or challenge encountered in ESP32-C3, please feel free to share your questions or experience on forum or open an issue in relevant SDK repositories on GitHub.

For any commercial enquiries, please contact Espressif Business team.

For technical questions of your commercial project, please also feel free to contact Espressif Technical Support team.